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Infrashine 450 Redline Iron

Infrashine 450 Redline Iron




If you need styling versatility paired with reliable performance, the InfraShine 450 Redline Iron can deliver. This Micro-Silica infused ceramic styling iron offers a full range of styling options and FAR-Infrared anionic technology helps to gently close the cuticle layer and lock in your hair’s natural moisture. That means that hair dries faster and styles stay locked in longer. Floating, beveled plates provide an ultra-smooth glide through all types of hair while the five heat settings from 170 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit allow it to be used on all hair types from fragile to extremely coarse. The Thermal 450 switch instantly boosts the iron’s heat to 450 degrees Fahrenheit needed for chemical treatments and styling ultra-coarse hair, making it perfect for difficult hair and keratin treatments.
Streamlined ergonomic design is ultra-lightweight and easy to hold while the innovative Multi-Mesh ceramic heating element is rated for 5000 hours of demanding in-salon use meaning that your irons will need replacing less often. The heavy-duty spring system offers firmer grip and increased control over your styling while the 1-inch size covers practically any styling situation.

Product Features:

  • Floating, beveled, Micro-Silica infused ceramic plates insure an ultra-smooth glide through all hair types
  • Exclusive FAR-Infrared Anionic Technology closes the cuticle layer and locks in moisture
  • Innovative Multi-Mesh ceramic heating element is rated for 5000 hours of use
  • Can be used for chemical treatments or on damp hair
  • Thermal 450 Switch instantly boosts heat for chemical treatments or styling ultra-coarse hair
  • On/ Off switch light pulses when desired heat setting is reached
  • Advanced PCB, microprocessor and ionic generator provide ultra-fast heating and recovery time
  • New heavy-duty spring system offers firmer grip and increased control
  • Extra long (9 ft), durable and rotating cord for tangle-resistant use
  • Operates at 120V, 35W, 50/60 Hz
1-year manufacturer's warranty

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